Neil Oates
Chief Geophysicist International Premier Oil plc

"Premier Oil has found VelocityManager to be a fast, versatile and rigorous programme for use in all depth conversion needs, globally. The software is straightforward to use and many of our staff now approach depth conversion with increased confidence."

C. Ward
Chief Geophysicist EAME Petro-Canada

"VelocityManager is now our choice to standardise depth conversion quality for all geophysicists, at all experience levels and give accurate results. Both exploration projects and detailed development projects achieve equally high levels of dependability. Recommended by Veba Oil and Gas."

Steve Elam
Special projects Geophysicist ConocoPhillips

"Recommended by partners, we find VelocityManager offers a surprising number of new technologies and covers all of our needs. It is easy to use and delivers highly accurate results."

Brian Robertson
Chief Geophysicist Ithaca Energy (UK) Ltd

"Equally applicable to exploration and development datasets VelocityManager allows for multiple rapid depth conversions to investigate uncertainty or complex structural situations. The QC and visualization tools ensure that the input data is honoured and the output results are consistently reliable and plausible."

Dr. Dave Marsden
Geophysical Adviser Atlantic Petroleum (UK)

"The philosophy behind it and the tools are quite different to other workstation approaches, which collectively are very similar. It is very easy to use, with a high level of impressive technology and functionality, and offers very fast and accurate modelling."

Peter Anderton
Chief Geophysicist Consort Energy

"After a recommendation by Shell we created multiple scenarios of depth models in Southern North Sea in some complex fields, in order to determine reliable ranges of uncertainty. The results subsequently proved very accurate indeed."

Gaz de France

"An exhaustive head-to-head comparison between VelocityManager and five alternative products, VelocityManager achieved top scores in all categories; ease of use, ease of learning, range of functionality, speed of operation, and accuracy of results. VelocityManager was definitely the preferred choice."

Andrew Lewis
Project Geophysicist BP

"Dependable and innovative approaches to solving demanding problems, achieved so rapidly, making VelocityManager a compelling piece of software."

Dr S. Paton
Development Geologist Shell

"Impressive to have such a high tech. piece of software; easy to use, and surprisingly fast in delivering excellent and reliable scenarios."

Jan Madgett
Principle Geophysicist, Fairfield Energy

"As a 30 year plus interpretation geophysicist I have watched the science/art of depth conversion develop from simplistic computer methods to ever more sophisticated and accurate software which mostly does the task for you. I was introduced to VelocityManager by a colleague in 2004, in order to depth convert a field situated beneath a very challenging 8500’ salt wall, with wings and shoulders. VelocityManager allowed me to achieve a geologically sensible result in a timely manner. Ever since then I have used it for all velocity and depth conversion work being delighted with how accurate, easy and intuitive it is to use. Once the time grids are complete, a full depth conversion can be achieved in minutes, and if changes to the time interpretation are needed then the depth conversion can be just as easily re-run. Its detailed reporting capability fulfils all QC and reserves audit process. I check and trial regularly existing and new software but to date none has trumped it; in fact, the on-going R&D of VelocityManager continues to make the advantage even greater. All said and done, it is a piece of software that really does what it says on the can."