VelocityManager uses multiple approaches to deal with any challenge. It incorporates over 45 proprietary core numerical technologies and over 15 proprietary functions, utilising leading edge technologies to offer the highest standards in accuracy through minimising uncertainty.


VelocityManager provides multiple ways for addressing any challenge. Data sets can be rapidly processed to compute rigorous velocity models, including wells with any deviation including horizontal wells.


High performance ‘new generation’ of geo-statistical gridding of poorly distributed and clustered data, eliminating gridding artefacts.

Function modelling technology with unparalleled accuracy, even in the presence of structural inversion, or complex sediments as in continental margins. Equally effective  for deviated or horizontal wells.

Novel technique to legitimately increase band width of velocities derived from RMS velocities by two orders of magnitude, with or without control well velocities. Invaluable in field development and continental margins.

3-D Depth Migration

Highly accurate yet user friendly 3-D depth migration


Efficient and accurate workflow management greatly enhancing speed and avoiding unintended results. Outputs a detailed report in Word format.

Fault Plane Depth

Precise depth conversion of fault planes which can cross cut many velocity layers. Honours precisely the horizon depth conversion model.

Optimised residuals

Significant, and innovative development in the application of residuals which avoids issues of residual values which are too large/small or out of proportion.

Highly efficient and acclaimed, deterministic computation and removal of fault and diapir depth shadow removal without side effects.


Geo-statistical grid sampling without the inaccuracy/uncertainty of competing methods. Critical in deviated wells with folded and faulted horizons.

Land Statics -RMS velocity correction

Correction of  RMS velocity data to the datum of land seismic rather than the data collection level.

Secondary grid depth conversion

Depth conversion of any time grid within a project area, where the horizon is not a modelled velocity boundary, nor defined by wells.


Delivers accurate well times/horizons for deviated and horizontal well ties without reliable well time data to tie the seismic.


Analysis and QC, together with rapid editing of  grids in intelligently managed automatic mode.

Innovative 3d visualisation and QC of grids for depth, time, interval velocity and average velocity, together with sections and random lines.


Novel method of depth modelling problematic time/velocity intervals.

Other feature include:
  • HybridFunctions™

  • Project process logging

  • Data validation and correction

  • Deviated and horizontal well management

  • Complex overburden handing

  • RMS to well calibration

  • Seismic velocities

  • Multiple scenarios

  • Salt diapir modelling

  • Velocity functions in 3D

  • Vo K through advanced optimisation

  • Rigorous fault management

  • Well weighting

  • Robust down-dip closure control

  • Comprehensive data QC

  • Grids-to-Well ties

  • Advanced geostatistical gridding

  • Advanced geostatistical grid evaluation

  • Reads all standard ASCII RMS Formats

  • Grid spectral analysis and editing

  • Lateral velocity variations

  • Robust velocity extrapolation

  • Keyed RMS velocities to horizons

  • Unconformity handling

  • Depth to time conversion of deviated well TVD

  • Seamless link to grid files cps, Z-Map