IMRIII™ is a well established process for the removal of depth artefacts caused in layer cake depth conversion by structural anomalies in the overlying horizon. These depth artefacts are commonly caused by fault shadows, salt diapirs, shallow sedimentary channels, and sea floor canyons amongst others.

The IMRIII™ process has been developed from successful research into the specific causes of the depth artefacts. This understanding has led to a highly effective, and robust proprietary process which will compute and remove the depth artefact. IMRIII™ has the specific advantage over more commonly used techniques in that it does not filter the data whatsoever. As a consequence, it will reveal the ‘true structural detail’ as illustrated below.

This data includes a depth artefact. This unwanted artefact can be removed.

This is the map of the extracted artefact.  It shows no geologic structure, but a precise reproduction of the artefact.

Now after the IMR III processing, we have removed the artefact, a deterministic and precise process.

Corporate objectives
Future R&D

From the start of the company, our primary goal has been to research and develop numerical solutions and innovative technologies to minimise uncertainty in velocity modelling and depth conversion procedures. Our secondary objective is to make the application intuitive, even to new and infrequent users, in order to allow rapid and highly accurate results.


We are proud to have achieved close cooperation between our geophysicists, researchers, numerical analysts and software experts, which has brought about visionary research and development of highly practical and leading edge solutions, which offer our clients an innovative development and complete velocity modelling software solution.


We continue to research and maintain a new generation, quality-focused software, namely the VelocityManager Suite; delivered through a ‘process managed’ and user friendly interface, together with the most efficient and productive methodologies, to deliver cost-effective solutions at the cutting edge of technology.