3D visualisation of horizons in VelocityManager allows the user to visualise project grids of any of the following data types: time, depth, interval velocity and average velocity, together with well projections and fault planes.



The 3D visualisation is a powerful and flexible application surpassing the latest industry standards and represents a very user friendly ‘final’ quality control tool. It is an ideal presentation tool for visualising and quality controlling the complete data set, in time, depth, interval velocity, average velocity.





Cross sections and random sections in depth or time can be used to demonstrate the interval velocity as colour-fill between consecutive horizons.

Easy to use



The volumes can be manipulated in 3D, zoomed, vertically exaggerated with moving cross sections, or simply selected by a point of the mouse over the horizon in points interrogated for values; with screen capture of the visualisation window and user definable background colour.