VelocityManager is an advanced application for accurate and rapid velocity modelling and depth conversion. Bringing leading edge accuracy to the most complex and esoteric geological models.

VelocityManager uses multiple approaches to deal with any challenge. It incorporates over 45 proprietary core numerical technologies and over 15 proprietary functions, utilising leading edge technologies to offer the highest standards levels in accuracy through the elimination of or minimising uncertainty.

VelocityManager provides multiple ways for addressing any challenge. Data sets can be rapidly processed to compute rigorous velocity models, including wells with any deviation including horizontal wells.

The total solution for the geophysicist:

  1. Proprietary advanced mathematical techniques
  2. Depth migration
  3. Function velocity modelling and depth conversion
  4. Seismic RMS velocity modelling and depth conversion
  5. Depth artefact removal with IMRII™
  6. Advanced quality control and data editing
  7. Over 15 years research and development

User friendly and intuitive:

  1. Video tutorials
  2. 3D Visualisation
  3. Workflow Manager
  4. Compatible with Solaris & Windows (32 and 64 bit)
  5. Used by some of the worlds largest oil companies
Solutions to complex problems   Unparalleled accuracy
  1. Data linking, validation, reconciliation, and correction.
  2. Rms modelling, with or without well data at any well deviation.
  3. Velocity function modelling, depth migration and grid tools.
  4. Advanced VelocityVolume features.
  5. Complex structures - thrust faults, inclined salt diapirs etc.
  6. Depth artefact removal.
  7. Supports multiple scenarios.
  1. Highly accurate numerical functions.
  2. Refined and controllable functions for developing the most appropriate model for the data.
  3. Data validation and quality control features ensure data viability.

Highly versatile   Easy to use
  1. Models all velocity data, well data, and seismic interpretation horizons into one accurate and reliable solution.
  2. Manages faulting, unconformities, diapirism, well deviation, time-to-depth migration, depth artifact correction, seismic velocity band width extension, Fourier removal of artifacts in seismic velocity field, etc. with mathematical precision.
  3. Works with most 3rd party seismic interpretation software, reading a wide range of RMS, well and fault grid data in binary and ascii formats to produce a fully integrated result.
  1. WorkflowManager eliminates technological and logistical issues allowing user to focus on model development.
  2. Fully integrated User Guide and 15 video tutorials help new user to learn unfamiliar technologies.
  3. Flexible and tolerant in coping with unusual and complex models.



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